Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

More pictures....

On a quick note, Grandma and Grandpa H gave us their Burley which has been super nice! We got him a helmet and he loves it. Thank you!

Crawling on top of the world...

Wow...we are amazed at his endurance. He really keeps us on our toes. Elliot's favorite things lately are playing with Edy's food,walking over to the dishwasher hoping to play with dirty silverware, trying to crawl in the dryer (he tries it every time I am doing laundry), swimming, wagon rides, swinging at the park and playing with Edy's toys. He still loves books;especially ones with other babies in them. We are so happy that Elliot is a happy, relentless little baby. He really is such a joy, just very energetic and a lot of work!

It has been another roller coaster ride as far as jobs go. We are delighted to find out that Patrick will be working in South Lyon East as Band Director (and choir and part time middle school) ! Yay! We just have to figure out all of the moving stuff still. So, we will definitely update everyone and continue to put up new pictures of Elliot!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Crawling and Giggling!

9 months & all over the place!

Well as of a couple of weeks ago, Elliot finally cracked the crawling code. And now, turn around for a second and he'll be long gone! He is loving his new found skill - of course he wants to use it to get into dog bowls and power cords, but I guess that all comes with the territory. We'll post a video of him crawling here...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Full immersion...

Hello! It has been quite a while since we posted our last blog. A lot has been going on! Elliot was baptized last Saturday. It was a wonderful day! Thanks to my parents and Patrick's parents for helping out so much. A funny story: The church we go to believes in full immersion, so we had to undress Elliot in the pew before the priest brought us up to the fountain. As I was holding Elliot, he peed on me! I had to stand up in front of the whole church with pee on my dress. I don't think it was enough to get people snickering, but still....If we ever have a second one, we will be bringing a swimmie. Thanks to everyone who came! It was such a nice day!
Elliot has been doing wonderfully. He had croup last week however, but is doing much better. He has a little cough still and a runny nose. He also has his first tooth! Lower left. It will be adorable when it comes in completely.
We have a couple of weddings this month and can't wait. It should be so much fun. We are looking forward to Greenbush next month.
Hope everyone is doing well! We will try and post more!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Almost 7 months

Elliot has been having some new foods, just basic fruits and veggies. He seems to like squash the best. It's fun to see his initial reaction to them. Just today, near the end of eating, he took a little snooze in his high chair! Perhaps soon he will start to do a little crawling... he's getting pretty good at sitting up with little support. More to come!